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5 for Friday- Fitness Finds for your Valentine

This Friday's 5 for Friday is all about Valentine's Day.

Yes, it's true, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I know, it's cheesy and silly and a "hallmark holiday," but I do, I LOVE it. This is not due to the anticipation of any gifts or acts of chivalry from my husband, it is because my mom made it special and well... the candy. I loved the candy. Valentine's Day was special and fun and I always looked forward to it because I knew that we'd be doing something fun and spending time together as a family.

Now that Ethan is here I want to follow in my mom's footsteps and make it special for him, have a family date night and give him something to look forward to. But, because it is my favorite holiday my husband is obsessed with getting me a gift. So, I set a limit; we are only allowed to spend $25 or less! This list is a compilation of things I've been wanting and a couple of thingsI use obsessively that I think you should have too!

1. This is my absolute favorite water bottle. I originally set out to get a BKR but, honestly I'm a cheap-o and ended up with this Takeya instead ($23). The water tastes amazing and I've dropped it without the glass breaking more times than I'll admit. Additionally, the flip cap makes it easy to drink from without spills (this is HUGE for me).

2. I am DYING for one of these cookie cutters from Yummi Yogi ($8.50) . I mean, c'mon how cute is that? It comes in 5 poses and can be used for much more than cookies... like crafting! Although, I promised my husband cookies if it happens to show up!

3. So, one time while teaching yoga I saw myself in the mirror... bent over... and my pants were see through. It not my finest moment however, it taught me a valuable lesson- wear cute underware! I just ordered these adorable Under Armour workout undies from Amazon ($15) and have to say I am really excited to try them out. I've heard they are amazingly comfortable and stay in place like a champ.

4. Now that Ethan is officially a toddler I am so excited to teach him about food, cooking and healthy eating. Not only do I want one of these bento box style food storage boxes from Goodbyn ($9) for him, I want one for myself for my work lunches. They are said to be leak-proof and each one has two 2-cup portions and one 1-cup portion for ease of portion control. This is definitely at the top of my list this year!

5. Lastly, I'm including a jump rope. Yes, a jump rope. I think most women might be slightly offended by this gift on Valentine's Day but, I need a new one and I firmly believe a jump rope is one of the best, most versatile pieces you can own. This is a great one and is SUPER cheap.

Hopefully if you celebrate Valentine's day this list can help you ask for something useful that helps you feel good and stay healthy.



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