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Five for Friday- 5 Little Tidbits About Me

Usually, five for Friday posts are a lists of things I love that I feel my followers should know about, too. Today though I want to share a bit about me. Chances are if you're new here you don't know much about who you're following so, here's a little:

1) I'm fairly certain the memes about coffee- all of them- are about me. Coffee is a must in my life. I knew I was pregnant when I went to Starbucks on the way to work and the smell repulsed me. But, as soon as I got the taste for it back I drank half calf so I could drink twice as much. I love the smell, the flavor, and really the happiness associated with it. I like it black, or with milk. No sugar. Never sugar.

2) My dog's name is Lando (his official AKA name is NMK's Here Goes Nothing). Yes, he is named after Star Wars! He is the most gorgeous German Shorthaired Pointer you have ever seen (I'm not biased). He's sweet, snuggly and has the most gentle disposition and in the true sense of a GSP hyper... He waits up with me at night while I work on my blog and sleeps on my feet. The kicker is that he loves Ethan tons. I could not imagine our lives without him.

3) Not a day goes by that there is not music in our house. I can't really describe how much it means to me. Being the youngest of 4, I was exposed to a variety of sounds. My dad liked classic country and Mowtown while my mom liked Barbara Streisand and Anne Murray. My sister reminds me of 80's, folk and Jazz while my brothers remind me of regae, rap, hip hop, classic rock, classical, and buena vista social club. I tried to pick a genre to favorite for this post but listed them all and then realized I don't have a favorite. Mood, weather, time of year and occasion dictate the sound in the house but I tend to have something mellow and old in the background. I likely couldn't tell you what is on the charts right now. But, I can tell you that Van Morrison, live at the Greek in Berkely was the best damn show I've ever seen.

4) My three favorite foods are Bacon, Peanut Butter and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Bacon has been a favorite food before it was popular to like bacon. I have a theory about bacon- tell me whether or not you like it and I'll tell you the theory. Peanut butter is a staple- I cannot live without it. I have four jars in my kitchen and have put it on some foods that... well... let's not go there. Lastly- Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. It has to be Jelly Bellys, no imitations, nothing 'healthy'. I can name 99% of the flavors without looking at packaging and have been on the tour three times. In the past FIVE years. It was written into my wedding vows that there would always be some in the house. They are the perfect little morsels.

5) I would walk through fire for my family and close friends. Nothing beats those relationships. Nothing.

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