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Monday, Can we Please Get Along?

Even though Monday is technically my 'day off' I still find myself feeling the Sunday dreads, as we call them in my house.

I was especially dreading today. E was sick all weekend and did not sleep a wink. Therefore, we didn't do much and also barely slept. And if you've ever seen a tired, hungry grizzly bear- well then, in a nutshell, you've witnessed what it's like to live with me when I'm running on very little sleep.

However, I digress. Back to Mondays.

Seriously, if you've EVER been on the interwebs you know that Mondays suck- search 'Monday Memes' in google and you'll see just how much people hate this day. But really, even though I somewhat dread them I think this day gets a bad rap. I mean- it's the beginning of a new week, another day to chase your goals and follow your dreams, it's the day you can start the week off strong. It's another day... that really, we should (ahem, should) be grateful for.

So, smile and grab a cup of coffee while I tell you how I make our Mondays a little more appealing!

1. You gotta write shit down. Sunday night sit down with a calendar and plan your week. If you see what is coming down the pike yes, you may get a bit more overwhelmed but, you also might also get fired up about the upcoming week- a meeting you're going to crush, a play date with a friend you haven't seen in a while or maybe an awesome party next weekend. Also though, having a plan makes everything a bit more manageable. If you stay home, or work at home (like me) be flexible because curveballs can, and will be thrown (as I write, E's been asleep 2 freaking hours- hallelujah!).

2. Meal plan. I am NOT talking about dividing up all of your food into Tupperware bins because no, just no. That is not what I (or my page for that matter) am about. But, I do plan what we are going to eat throughout the week. Especially for dinners. It makes life so much easier, especially if you work outside the home. There is no guesswork involved when you get home and no foraging for what you have. If you want to take it a bit further you can loosely plan lunches and breakfasts, too... but we'll get into that in a few weeks in another post. When I know what we're having for dinner on Sunday for the upcoming week I feel so much more relaxed.

3. Plan your workouts. This is huge-especially for mamas with a busy schedule who are also trying to lose weight/fat. Schedule a block and write down WHEN you are going to do it and WHAT you are going to do. I know stuff happens but, if you can see your entire schedule for the day (#1) you may be able to shuffle things around if something arises. Knowing that you're going to move throughout the week should be a highlight and make your Monday a little brighter.

4. Make a to-do list. I have a three-tiered list: most important/I must do, moderately important/I would really like to do, and least important/if I have time I can fit this in. Today for instance, we have to go to Target because well, someone forgot to get toilet paper and napkins aren't the best replacement. Must do. At some point this week, I'd love to fold the five (yes 5) bins of laundry outside but, it's not MY priority. And this is the way it should be for each of us. Movement is a daily priority- as is eating and water, for me. Your priorities are likely different but, if you know what you must do and what can slide, Monday isn't so bad.

5. If you drink coffee- get a programmable pot and set that baby to auto brew. It is life changing. Seriously. When I wake up to the smell of the sweet nectar of gods I am immediately happier and ready to tackle my Monday.

6. Lastly, with all your might, try this one simple mindset shift: wake up and say, “Today is going to be a good day.” It is a little mindset trick my mama taught me and it works wonders.

Set your intention on positivity and Monday might become your new best friend.

Have a great Monday- don't forget to move!


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