Workout Wednesday- Legs for Days

When I started working from home, I started I switched my programming from body part splits to full body sessions based on a podcast by Bret Contreras. In short, Bret talks about the ability to train the body more often because you're fatiguing body part less than with a split. Full body workouts are time saving and as a mama I feel more effective because I get more bang for my buck.

Recently though I've been hankering for a little more strength in my legs... And although I'm still focusing primarily on full body I'm also throwing in a leg-focused day. I am starting out light to gauge where I am and then will be upping the resistance and increasing my rest periods.

This was my last leg day. I completed three sets of each exercise because that is all I had time for however, you could complete 2-5 rounds or, if you are short on time could set your timer to 10-30 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP).

Legs for Days Workout

- Single leg lunge (heavy weight) 8-10 reps

- Goblet deep squat (heavy weight) 8-10 reps

- Banded clamshells 15-20 reps

- Banded reverse hypers 15-20 reps

- Banded lateral steps 15-20 reps

I have to admit- I was pretty sore the next day. If you are newer to resistance training you may opt to start with 1-2 sets versus 3 or more and you may choose a lighter weight with a couple additional reps. The last rep should be challenging.

Do you prefer body part or full body work?

Drop me a line and let me know. Enjoy!

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