Why Having Enough Time for Exercise Isn't Your Obstacle

Let's face it, no matter who you were, how type A or organized you were before you became a mom, shit has changed. Life has changed. Scheduling has changed.

Not only is being a mother more tiring than anyone could have ever told you but it is harder, and more time consuming.

I bet most of the time, at the end of the day after the babe(s) are in bed and you've finished your to-dos, that you're just too damn tired to do anything but sit… especially exercise. And, I bet if I asked why you aren't working out your number one response would be time-related, am I right?

But, is having the time REALLY the reason?

I'm going to put this out there, and it might piss you off:

Having time is not your obstacle, mama.

Taking time is your obstacle. Not letting fitness and thus, yourself be a priority on the list is your obstacle.

Cut that shit out.

Don't get me wrong, time can be a HUGE barrier to working out- kids get messy, schedules get messy- it happens to us all.

But, how many times have you checked Facebook so far today? Or Pinterest, or Instagram, or...? Or, how many times did you do something that didn't need to be done?

My bet is that if you added up all the moments spent on social media or completing tasks that weren't priority (in the grand scheme of life) you could find at least 10 minutes. Probably more like 20-30.

Let that soak in for a minute: 10-30 minutes to fit in movement. To meet those goals you've been chasing.

If you have goals, be it appearance, fat loss, health improvement, rehabilitation etc., making time to move MUST be a priority.

You can't wait for time to magically appear- you must make, or rather, TAKE the time.

Over the next few days, I want you to do the following tasks to figure where you can take some time to work out.

1) Audit your schedule. Just like a food diary, I want you to keep a time diary for three days. Write down how you are spending your minutes, especially those on social media. If you keep a calendar- highlight gaps or, times when you could give up that task for a workout. If you don't have a calendar:

1) Get yourself a calendar and schedule your time. I know this is rough. It doesn't have to be minute by minute but, pick a time and block it out for exercise. And, write down what workout you're going to do. Start small (even 10 min) and build. Treat this as an appointment with yourself and keep it.

So, what about being too tired? I get it, I really (really, really) do. Exhaustion is a huge obstacle and can definitely have a lot of power over our decisions. But, if you really want exercise to become a priority, you have to make it such. Think about the last time you planned to work out and the tiredness of parenthood got in the way. Instead of working out, you relaxed (rightfully so). So how did you feel? Did you regret it? Did you wish you had moved instead of sat? At first, you're going to have to make some sacrifices when it comes to you time. Soon though, working out will become your you time. You're going to have to get up early or you're going to have use naps, lunch or evening relax time to work out.

I am not saying: no excuses, because that is bunk. Shit happens. Life happens and sometimes there's no getting around scheduling blunders. But... you have to accept the time you do have and use it wisely. Don't stress about what you can't do. Don't let lack of equipment, knowledge, space, or time hold you back.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

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