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Four Things You Must Do in Order to Reach Your Fitness Goals

It's Sunday night and you're planning out your week ahead. You look at your calendar and decide that this is it! This is the week you're going to start getting "in shape".

You pull out your calendar and write work out in your schedule for M- W- F- Su for 45 minutes and feel so good that you've set your plan in action.

And then Monday morning, your kid's school calls. He is sick again. You have to pick him up early and all he wants is to lie on you and be held... completely messing up your schedule.

When Wednesday rolls around you're feeling off and unmotivated so you decide to skip, Friday you walk for 25 minutes and decided you're bored and by Saturday- forget about it, you'll start next Monday.

I see this a lot- the intention is there but the execution falls short. And let's face it, as busy mamas it's easy to get derailed and thrown off course- especially when it has something to do with our kids. They are our priority and it's hard to step away from being their #1.

But, if you really have goals- you want to lose fat, you want to fit into a certain outfit, or you just want to feel better- you have to stick to your plan.

The plan however, is just one piece of the puzzle. It's just the first step to reaching that goal.

You have to also...

1) Find something you love that is easy to schedule (adherence & sustainability)

I've said this a million times- you have to like what you're doing to keep on doing it. If you HATE running and you can't see yourself doing it the rest of your life you likely shouldn't sign up for a marathon. It must also be easy for you schedule. Don't join a gym that is 45 minutes away- you probably won't ever go! You must be able to adhere to whatever activity you choose!

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2) Do the thing you love over and over (consistency)

You have to show up. So, once you find that thing you love- do it over and over. Set up a schedule you can adhere to and show up- not because you have to, but because you LOVE it. Of course, certain methods of exercise are going to lend their hand to certain goals better but you should be able to incorporate your favorite activities on a regular basis.

3) Find a support system (support)

Someone has to have your back. You need someone to keep you pushing forward, to lean into when you feel like you want to give up, and to give you feedback on your progress. You also need someone who you can rely on to step in when you need to keep your date with the gym. Maybe this is a team of two to three people or maybe you find all of these qualities in one person but, without support, the desire to quit, a day when you're at the end of your rope, might beat out your desire to succeed.

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4) Track your progress (accountability)

If we don't see how far you've come you won't continue moving forward. Pick a few different ways to measure your progress and check in every few weeks. Maybe it's just a call to a friend to discuss what you've done for that week or maybe it's taking measurements every 3 weeks and turning them into your coach but you have to be accountable in some way. Without knowing if what you're doing is working, or how well it's working you're more likely to give up.

In fact, I think it's so important that you're accountable to someone, that I want you to check in with me on Instagram!

Connect with me HERE so I can follow your progress. Use the hashtags #busymamaskickstart or #naptimeknockout so I can find you!


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