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What is Mama Love Yoga Teacher Training?

Mama Love Yoga Teacher Training is an online yoga teacher training program for yoga and movement teachers who want to expand upon their knowledge and increase their understanding and confidence in working with pregnant and postpartum bodies.


Learn effective modifications and methodologies for working with pregnant women and moms in private and group yoga settings.


Gain the confidence and understanding you need to work with pre and postnatal people (at any stage postpartum) who are experiencing pelvic pain and/or pelvic floor concerns.


Learn how to utilize a biopsychosocial approach in working with pregnant and postpartum people who may be dealing with pain or emotional distress.


Receive all  modules including lectures, worksheets, recommended research readings, and an inclusive workbook upon sign up.


Access the course content from anywhere in the world- as long as you have access to the internet you have access to Mama Love.


Access to bi-weekly (every two weeks) office hours; an opportunity to ask questions and discuss differing viewpoints.


Learn effective modifications and methodologies for working with new and more experienced moms in private and group yoga settings.


Access to private Facebook group with bi-weekly office hours for real-time support, encouragement, and "face-to-face" interaction.

Lauren Mott

-Lauren Mott Fitness

Lauren's dedication to women's health and the prenatal and postpartum population is something I admire so much about her. With everything she creates, she taps into the physical, mental, and emotional needs of her clients and gently guides them through a journey that ultimately bringth them to exactly what they need.

Jenni Rawlings 

-Jenni Rawlings Yoga

Lauren is very knowledgeable and is also careful to take an evidence-based approach to these topics (pelvic floor health). I'm so thankful to her for agreeing to share her knowledge with us!


-Yoga Student

She knows body anatomy and mechanics and works a blend of styles into her offerings to build strength and flexibility.



Learn how to approach prenatal and postpartum yoga from both biopsychosocial and pelvic health perspectives.


Learn strategies and concepts for training pregnant and postpartum persons dealing with pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunctions, and diastasis recti.


Learn how to be inclusive and sensitive in your languaging for all birth and postpartum perspectives and health concerns


Learn how to be encouraging and supportive of moms and moms-to-be in every stage of their motherhood journey.

Enrollment for Mama Love Teacher Training opens SOON!

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Hi, I'm Lauren 

Welcome to Mama Love.


I am a mom of 4 and 2-year-olds and longtime yoga practitioner and teacher. I have over 15 years of experience working with people in all kinds of bodies including pregnant women and current moms.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. My graduate research focused on stretching science and how range of motion affects power output as we age.  I have a couple of handfuls of fitness certifications and courses under my belt,  and currently, am pursuing a certification as a Postpartum Doula.

I created my Mama Love Yoga Channel to teach yoga to the minds and bodies of moms because I truly believe this stage of life IS different and those difference needs to be honored. This training is an extension of the things I've learned along the way.


This course expands upon what I've learned as a teacher and trainer of moms, and from my own motherhood journey. It is my goal to combine the elements together and help teachers create yoga classes that address moms as a whole person- offering love, encouragement, and empowerment through one of the most humbling experiences in life.

Currently, I work in-person and remotely, with yoga and personal training clients during their pregnancies, early postpartum recoveries, and later as they return to more challenging movement. I am also the co-creator of 10 Minute Mama; a strength and yoga based fitness program for moms who are short on time.



  • Introduction to the pelvic floor and core

  • Starting the conversation about pelvic floor health in public houses

  • Whys and biases in pelvic health


  • Changes in the pregnant body & consideration in yoga

  • Letting go of fears about relaxin

  • Modifications for pregnancy


  • Prenatal breathwork

  • Restoratives for pregnancy

  • Building strength and mobility for pregnant women

  • Prenatal yoga programming tips


  • Postpartum pelvic floor and related concerns and modifications available to yoga practitioners

  • Returning to movement; progressive overload in yoga


  • Maternal mental health and creating a safe supportive community 

  • Postpartum mindfulness and meditation


  • Stretching science, breathing dynamics & biomechanics; applying the concepts to pre/postnatal yoga 

  • Exploring the biomechanics of modifications 


  • Prenatal pelvic floor and related concerns and modifications available to yoga practitioners

  • Socioemotional health in prenatal yoga

  • Discussing emotional health in class 


  • Yoga for birth: breathwork & programming ideas

  • Birth related injuries

  • Acceptance of all birth plans and ideals


  • Postpartum breathwork

  • Building strength and mobility for postpartum women: postpartum yoga programming tips/poses, alignment, transitions & movement myths 


  • Creating well-rounded group classes

  • Helping moms advocatie for their own maternal care

  • Knowing when you should refer out and to whom you should refer your clients



  • Two years worth of access to the course. You will have access to all updates, interviews and materials that are added each session.

  • The Mama Love Teacher Training is self-paced. Upon purchase you will have access to all 10 weeks/modules so you never feel behind and can take the class when on YOUR schedule.

  • All materials for Mama Love are housed on a secure page which you'll have access to upon enrollment. All materials- lectures, research readings, guest interviews, worksheets, and resources will be accessible here by logging in.

  • All students will obtain login upon enrollment.

Enrollment for Mama Love Teacher Training opens SOON!

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