The Mama Love Channel is dedicated to mamas, and mamas-to-be and their ever-changing bodies. I also dedicate some classes to the psycho(logical) aspect of motherhood. Classes last from 10-45 minutes and are safe, efficient, effective and empowering. For only $10 per month, gain unlimited access to the Mama Love yoga class library.

Recent Classes

A crunchie-free core and floor class that will bring awareness to your abdominal muscles as well as those of the pelvic floor in a safe, sound manner. Pre/Postpartum safe.
Pelvic Floor Relaxation 2
This practice will bring awareness to the pelvic floor and help you release, relax this area. While PF relaxation is good for all mamas, it's always good to check with a PF Physical Therapist prior to participation.
Strong as a Mother
A nice flow filled with a variety of strength poses that is guaranteed to leave you sweating and feeling like the strong mama you are.
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