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Big Book of 


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Are you ready to feel more present and focused in your day-to-day life? 

The Big Book of Rest  E-Book will give you the guidance and tools you need to create simple mindfulness-based rituals. Plus, I'm giving you access to guided meditations, journaling sheets, and a vision board worksheet to pinpoint your wants and desires at this stage of life.


Unlock the Big Book of Rest,
with 50+ restorative yoga poses, guided meditations, and journal prompts for just $27!

Can you relate to this?

You're overwhelmed, exhausted, and struggling to get through the day because you can't focus!

You're not sleeping great at night or you're having trouble falling asleep -

Your emotions are all over the place and you're waiting for someone to hear you and acknowledge how you feel - 

You desperately want to have more patience and presence with your family - 

You've been WANTING to try meditation but you're scared of hippy, dippy practices...

Does this sound like you?

You feel like you're going crazy and you're the only one in this boat

You've tried dozens of supplements but they don't work, are expensive, or make you feel groggy.

You feel foggy & forgetful and worry about your brain function.

You're up all night with hot flashes, restless leg, or maybe even just worry and google can't fix it.


What if you had a tool to help you feel rested, alert, focused and more in tune with your body?

And you only had to commit to 10 minutes a day

Reduce fatigue and anxiety 

Through breathwork and restorative yoga practices learn how to rest to create focus and self-awareness.

Get clear about your wants and needs in this stage

Reduce decision fatigue and overwhelm by exploring your wants and needs through journaling.

Create a REAL self care routine 

Stop spending money on expensive spa treatments and tap into your inner working with guided meditations.


Get instant access to:

  • Catalogue of 50+ low-prop restorative yoga poses 

  • Ten guided meditations

  • Six guided breathing practices

  • 4 weeks of journaling prompts to focus on your needs and inner workings

  • Blank journaling page

  • Ideas for creating rituals (schedules and regular practice) 



Hey there!

I'm Lauren!

I'm a mom of three boys and have been in the fitness industry for TWENTY years- as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and exercise physiologist.

I've dealt with anxiety since I was a teen which has been compounded by PMDD and postpartum anxiety. Most recently I was diagnosed as being in perimenopause and it has changed my outlook on life.

I have spent the last year trying to dial in my journey- figuring out what tools (in addition to my hormone replacement therapy) help me find calm, focus, and presence in my otherwise hectic life.

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