You Are NOT Alone

Yesterday was a really hard day. I woke up with my hands swollen and achy. I couldn’t put on Ethan’s shoes or tighten the buckle of his car seat.

I cried.

I felt broken… I felt isolated.

Here we are hoping for a second kid and I can’t even do the small tasks I need to do for the one we already have.

I was tired.

Hell, I am tired… tired of feeling broken and tired of feeling like my body is letting me down. And, my first instinct when something like this happens is to turn it off- ignore and withdraw. I don’t want to burden anyone with my shit and I certainly don’t want to be vulnerable. So, I don’t reach out. I don’t call, return emails, or text back. I don’t want to be victim and for fucks sake, I don’t want pity.

I create barriers and thus I feel alone.

And then, at the right moment, someone reached out. She coincidentally is also dealing with health issues. As we talked I felt my heart expand as she encouraged me, inspired me, and pushed me to keep on.

And I realized...

I’m not alone.

And, neither are you.

When you get home from the hospital with that new baby and you cry because you’re scared, because you’re tired, because you have no idea how to do anything

You’re not alone

When you’re a new mom and you can’t for the life of you stop the crying, and you wonder what the hell you were thinking bringing a child into this world

You’re not alone

When your toddler, who’s been sleeping through the night, starts to wake up 5 times a night and you want to bash your head into the wall

You’re not alone

When you and your husband have a heated conversation about certain aspects of discipline and you feel a bit ragey

You’re not alone

When you’re waiting in line to get into the zoo and your little one who’s been extremely patient starts screaming like a banshee causing other parents to give you “that” look

You’re not alone

When you’re in a funk, feeling down, need a hug, or are dealing with something major that brings you down and lays you flat…


We are never alone. None of us.

Many times, it’s our thinking that we are a burden or that nobody is able to understand that causes us to remain silent and causes us to pull away.