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20-Week Pregnancy Update

I remember waiting so patiently with my son for the half way mark to hit. It seemed like it took FOR-EV-ER and now, here I am scurrying around, feeling like I have so much left to do before this babe arrives.

This pregnancy could not be more different than my first; my body feels so much better thab but with a toddler, new business, and just not knowing what to expect I'm emotionally fried, as I'm sure all second-time mamas are.

The most challenging part for me still is wondering about the change in family dynamic. I'm still not sure I'm ready to split my time between two kids, and I worry I lack the patience and skill to maneuver it gracefully but I guess only time will tell.



TONS of yoga, walking and a couple resistance sessions/week. Although I always have a plan of what I'm doing, these don't always happen in full or in the time I have allotted. Sometimes I have to cut them short or finish them up later in the day. 

Cravings: None really. I'm back to wanting to eat lots of veggies and fruit but also have a major sweet tooth. 

Aversions: Meat and fish are not super appealing for me right now which is making getting protein and cooking a bit more challenging.

Favorite moment this week: 20 weeks was a while ago and I can barely remember yesterday but I think we started playing with some names and asking Ethan to say them. Loving how this little guy is already calling the baby by a name. 

Changes in the body: this kid is riding LOW, so I'm wearing a support belt (when I remember or really need it, like our morning walks) and already feeling a ton of pressure but I'm not struggling with the round ligament or pubic symphysis pain that accompanies pregnancy #1 so we are all good.

Emotions:  I'll save this for a future blog but there's a lot of stuff running through this Mama's head.

Miss anything?: my energy!! 

Sleep: Meh. Could be worse but it also could be better. 

Mood: Up and down. I have moments of pure excitement and moments of terror but I'm trying to stay positive and just keep trying to remind myself that "this is just a season".

Looking forward to: Labor and delivery. I've been obsessed and immersed in learning about postpartum care lately and I'm just really looking forward to doing it again. It was less than stellar the last time.

Labor signs: None. I've had a few bouts of Braxton Hicks but it's been a week or so. 

There is so much I can't share right now that I'm to blog about in the future. 

Until next time,


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