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Why having a "Bikini Body" is Stupid

Raise your hand if you've ever done a program that starts at the end of spring promises "Your Best Beach Body in Just 28 Days," "Look Even Better in Your Bikini," or something to that effect?

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

No, not you... I'm calling these magazines and this type of asinine marketing dumb.

The fact that they are telling women that their bodies aren't good just as they are is just one small frustration.

First off, these plans focus on the short-term, rapid weight loss that is unsustainable. Not many focus on adherence or or sustainability. They don't make them so that you can keep the weight off or continue with the plan, they slash calories and promote totally unrealistic lifestyles that are almost impossible to keep up with.

And for what? So you can drop 5 pounds to be in a bathing suit?


Should 5 pounds really make it or break it in terms of putting on a suit or in dealing with one's self-confidence? I mean, what's 5 pounds really? I'm not saying that you should feel bad for wanting to lose 5 pounds- that is not my point. My point is that you shouldn't want to lose it JUST for a few weeks JUST to be in a swimsuit.

You should be striving to sustain your weight loss forever.

Because chances are, that when it's time to say adios to that swimsuit you might be saying hola to that 5 pounds you thought you lost.

Additionally, you might not enjoy being in that suit anyhow because even without that 5 pounds gone, a part of you might still worry about what your body looks like. So what's the fucking point? Why torture yourself when you could put a suit on now and likely be just as content?

Why don't we strive to have an "every day body" instead of just a bikini body? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to slip on that bikini in say, December and feel just as strong and healthy as you did in June?

Wouldn't it feel nice to be confident ALL YEAR LONG?

If these magazines wanted to do it right... if YOU want to do it right:

1. Get moving

Get moving, find an activity you love that you can stick with. Being consistent with exercise will give you the self-confidence you need to rock that bathing suit with or without that extra five. Try to add some resistance training- it builds muscle and burns fat and will give you the definition you desire.

2. Eat mindfully

Be mindful about your eating- focus on whole foods- 5 servings of veggies a day, a few servings of fruit, protein with every meal, and tastes of the things you like.

3. Smile

Smile when you see these silly magazines and instead of using your $5 to buy it, choose to buy yourself something pretty or tasty instead.

Having a more mindful attitude towards exercise all year long will allow you to flow into "bathing suit" season calmly, without having to binge on exercise or deprive yourself of the things you like to eat to lose those last pounds.

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In health,


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