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Mama-Crush Monday- Renee P.

Meet Renee.

As you've seen I am surrounded by some pretty rad mamas and this one is no exception.

Renee is my life long friend who I pretty much think of as a sister. I don't remember how or when we met, I just know that she's been in my life forever. Renee was among the first of my first friends to have kids. Back then, I was still holding on strong to the idea that kids weren't my cup of tea, but that didn't stop me from knowing that she was pretty good at the momming thing.She had her girls 13 months apart, took a 7 year break and just recently had her 3rd babe, a gorgeous little boy. She, in fact she is the epitome of a GREAT mom. Which, is no surprise considering her own kick-ass mom and aunts.

I look up to Renee and still remember her ease and grace as a new mom- she made it look really easy. She was truly meant for this job and I have no idea why I waited so long to publish this.

Love you much, friend! And to my readers- ENJOY!


1. When you were a younger did you dream about being a mother? What did you see for yourself?

Absolutely. I always wanted to be a mother, and thought I’d have 3 kids.

2. How did your own upbringing reflect on that dream?

I always knew I wanted my children to have siblings. I was very close with my brother growing up, and I wanted that for my future kids.

3. What discussions did you have about starting a family? Do you remember telling your husband the first time you were pregnant? Was it a surprise or a long-planned event?

We were both very open from the beginning that we wanted children. We didn't care if we had boys or girls. We just wanted healthy children. We couldn't wait to start a family. I stopped taking the pill 1 month before our wedding. Getting pregnant was not easy for us. It took us exactly 2 years. I was so emotionally drained from the let down every month. I had pretty much given up hope. But finally as we were leaving to go out of town for our 2 year anniversary, I took a test before we left, and it was positive. I was in shock! So much that I made Mike buy 2 packs of tests before we left.

4. What did you love about pregnancy? Hate?

I loved the curiosity of who our newest family member was going to be and the kicks and movements but hated the constant worrying if the baby would be healthy.

5. Did you enjoy giving birth?

I had planned C-sections because of my gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. I was very nervous for the first one, mostly because of the unknown.

6. What was the transition like when you went from being someone’s child to someone’s parent? How long did it take you to really get used to the idea?

I found myself doing a lot of the things that my mom did that I loved as a child. Things like making sure the house was always decorated perfectly for every holiday and every birthday party. Putting a lot more thought into the meals I made. It took me four or five months to get used to it.

7. What has given you the most joy as a mother? Describe it.

Seeing my children happy. How they get happy and excited for the littlest most innocent things. Watching them grow into amazing little people with all of their accomplishments whether it is school or sports.

8. What advice do you have for:

a) A woman in her 1st trimester- Listen to your body

b) 2nd trimester- same

c) 3rd trimester- let things go. This trimester sucked for me. My body hurt and I couldn't keep up with the busy demands of work and the house. It's ok to not do dishes everyday or nap instead of folding clothes.

d) Just gave birth

Rest when you can. Take help if offered. Don't try to do it all to be super mom.

e) 3 months, 6 months and 1 year postpartum (if you remember)

At 3 months things are a bit unorganized. Leaving the house for the simplest store run, took forever. I felt like I always looked like a mess and that my house always looked like a mess. I feel like at 6 months you are in a pretty good routine and I had most of my life back in order. Then at about 1 year they start walking. And that's a whole new game that keeps you on your toes.

9. What is the most important thing you wish someone would have told you about being a new mom?

That you constantly worry. All the time. About accidents, food allergies, thinking the worst everytime they get the sniffles or a fever, hoping they don't become a victim of bullying...the list never ends

10. Have you changed since becoming a mom? How?

Yes most definitely. Besides the constant worrying. I find myself not listening to the same music. Simply because it sends the wrong message. My browsing history is no longer make up, beauty tricks, shoes, or fashion. It is consumed with children's clothes, books, activities, etc.

11. Emotionally, was there anything you were unprepared for going into motherhood?

The terrible 3s. Always heard about the terrible 2s. But nobody prepared me for the craziness that the 3s brought. I felt like I was loosing my mind most of the time.

12. Physically, has your body changed? If yes, how so?

Completely changed. Mostly from my negligence of not making time for myself. We have all heard it from other moms a million times. We out everyone else first rather than ourselves.

13. If I was giving birth tomorrow, what would you say to me?

If you don't want visitors, tell people you want to be alone for awhile. If you don't want help, kindly decline. If you need help, speak up. If people offer help, but you feel bad..get over it and accept it.

14. In what way do you think you are great as a mother?

I think I have a great deal of patience and compassion. And you need a lot of that if you are a mother.

15. What do you feel most proud of in life?

My kids for sure. It is the hardest most important job to raise happy, healthy, productive adults. And so far, I know I am doing pretty good.

16. If I asked you what the most amazing thing about you was, what would you say?

As I am typing this, my husband yells out “my butt”. But I would have to say my well roundedness.


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