Mama-Crush Monday: Kristen B.

Meet Kristen.

Kristen and I met in an online business group. It took us several months to connect but once we did, it was like I was talking to a long lost friend. It was apparent to me rather quickly that she and I were supposed to be in that group together- we needed to meet.

I think of this lady as my business soul sister. Not only is she one of the most positive individuals I've ever met, but she's inspiring, witty, and always on point with her thought and advice.

When talking to Kristen you can tell that she cares deeply and has amazing compassion for those around her. And her patience... I strive for her level of patience one day. I know that these qualities make her an amazing coach, wife, and an awe-inspiring mama.

As a psychologist, women’s functional nutrition and hormonal specialist, and energy worker, Kristen is an expert in helping women naturally restore digestive, hormonal, and mental health without 'rules' and 'strict' plans. She dives deep into hormonal, spiritual, and energetic blocks that keep you from nourishing your body in the loving way you know it needs, but can’t seem to connect to.

You can read more about Kristen and her amazing work at

Love you much, my friend!

And to our readers: ENJOY!


1. When you were a younger did you dream about being a mother? What did you see for yourself?

Absolutely, YES! Being a mother was the one thing I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted more than anything.

2. How did your own upbringing reflect on that dream?

I am the oldest of 5 kids and also the oldest of all of the cousins (more than 20) within a very big extended family. This gave me the incredible experience of watching a true ‘tribe’ of motherhood unfold. My mother and aunts played such an enormous role in my up bringing and life. Even now! I learned how to trust my own instincts- even if it meant going against the ‘popular’ trends. I learned why I wanted to breastfeed, that co-sleeping wasn’t evil if it meant we all got to sleep, how to have incredible strength and endurance, and how to love more fiercely then I ever knew possible.

Growing up in my big family meant I knew that I wanted to have at least 2-3 kids of my own some day. There is nothing quite like a growing up in a big family.

3. What discussions did you have about starting a family? Do you remember telling your husband the first time you were pregnant? Was it a surprise or a long-planned event?

Oh my gosh, this was something my husband and I both wanted! He was an only child and I from a big family. But our journey to pregnancy was not an easy one. We spent over 3 years working with reproductive endocrinologist, acupuncturists, and holistic doctors to try to get pregnant. I went through many surgeries and procedures, ultrasounds to monitor ovulation several times a week for months at a time, hormones, injections, IUI and let downs. Infertility is something that is just now beginning to receive more attention, as a shockingly high number of young women find themselves unable to get pregnant without much of an explanation. But while I was going through it, it felt very lonely. My body, that I had worked so hard to take care of for years, suddenly was letting me down. I remember feeling broken. But my experience with the highs and major lows, watching close friends get pregnant after just one try, while others were miscarrying changed me forever. It lead me down a path of learning how to deeply tune in to, advocate for, and nourish my body in ways I never realized mattered. I learned how vital our periods are, our hormones, and our emotional/stress management. I learned how to advocate for my body and my deepest desires, refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer. I am so grateful that my journey to motherhood also became a journey through my own womanhood.

After 3 years of trying, my husband and I decided to take a break. Our bodies were tired. And of course, only a month after ‘quitting’ the doctors and procedures and only working with an acupuncturist and nutritionist, I found myself staring at a positive pregnancy test. I waited until my husband went to work one morning, after I kept feeling nauseated by my eggs, and took the test. I was terrified. Only seconds later I was staring at two pink lines. I sat on the bathroom floor and cried. After work I went to the store and filled up a tool box of baby gear. I left it on the counter for when he came home. When he saw the tool box, I casually told him my dad had dropped off some extra tools and to take a look at them. When he opened the box and saw the baby items and test, he just started crying (he never cries). It was a really special moment that I will never forget.

4. What did you love about pregnancy? Hate?

I was SOOOOO sick for my first trimester- so that was brutal ha! I had food aversions to everything, meat, eggs, smells, pheww buddy it was something. The last few weeks were also a bit rough, Braxton hicks, sleeping and trying to turn over was quite the process! LOL!

But overall, once I made it into the 2nd trimester, I loved being pregnant. I loved watching my body grow, change, and move. It was the first time I felt completely at home in my body. The curves...the femininity... it was empowering.

5. Did you enjoy giving birth?

I DID! This was a shocker to me, there was a lot of joking and laughter as I seem to use sarcasm as my coping mechanism of choice! I had to be induced a week early due to l