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16 Week Preggo Update

It's Ethan's (my son) 2nd birthday week. It's both a sentimental and anxious time as, I reminisce about how much has changed and how much I have changed over the past two years and as I ponder how much more will change over the next 6 months and two more years as we become a family of four (five with our sweet pooch, Lando).

I'm also really trying hard to remember what I was doing two years ago today, other than pleading with the little person inside to "COME OUT"!

As I think about how I was feeling then and how it compares to this pregnancy I realize that its true what they say; each pregnancy IS different. At this point with E, I was still pretty sick and in somewhat of a haze. I don't actually remember a lot of the first two trimesters. At the time I thought I felt too shitty to keep records but now, I think I just didn't want to ever recall how I was feeling.


Workouts: Yoga and walking. The past couple of weeks I've been slowly adding strength training back into the mix.

Cravings: Taco Bell and peanut butter (not together). Seriously, it's been 10 years since the last time I ate Taco Bell. The craving was fulfilled and while it was good, think it might be 10 more until my next meeting with a Taco Bell Taco. Peanut butter is my favorite food on this planet but just didn't taste right the first trimester. I'm happy to have that back in the rotation.

Aversions: Not much. Sometimes seafood kind of gags me but I'm just hungry. All. The. Time.

Favorite moment this week: We brought our dog home from the trainer this week and started going on our LONG morning walks again.

Gender: Still a boy

Symptoms: Other than the belly, not much.

Emotions: Excitement and Exhaustion. We heard the heartbeat again this week. After falling in Minnesota, I had been pretty nervous and for some reason was holding off, but now we're just starting to get pumped.

Miss anything?: Sushi

Sleep: I had horrible insomnia with Ethan and unfortunately that is back. Ethan was also pretty sick and cutting another 2-year molar so sleep has been a bit wonky. We're getting back on schedule though.

Mood: Happy. I'm just really loving things right now.

Looking forward to: Still looking forward to giving birth. Don't know why.

Labor signs: None.

Until next time!


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