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Yoga for the Breastfeeding Mama; a 10-minute Practice

Breastfeeding can be hard.

Aside from the obvious beginning challenges (sore nipples and incessant feeding), nursing can impose physical, physiological and mental demands on a mama that can be draining.

Ethan cluster fed ALL. DAY. LONG for weeks and I remember sitting in the glider, thinking I was NEVER going to leave. My back was achy, my shoulders were tired and emotionally, I felt stuck. I wanted to get up off my bum and move!

But, I didn't have the energy to anything excessively straining.

Seldom would I get a long nap period out of E but, I would get 30 min intervals, which was the perfect amount of time to do a little yoga.

And, as a new mama, yoga was the perfect form of exercise- slow, thoughtful, and deliberate.

Not only could I focus on some poses that would add strength to my upper body but I could stretch out the muscles of my chest (which can get tight from hunching over to nurse), and I could move in a way that wasn't energetically taxing.

Also though, I could practice my deep diaphragmatic breathing which, not only helped restore my pelvic floor, but also helped me to find space for myself as a new mama, ruminate on my thoughts and bring me peace.

And, I could do it all in my living room... with no equipment.

Whether you're a nursing pro or you've just started out, I want to share a practice with you.

Although I usually encourage new mamas to use that babe's naptime to take a nap of your own, if you feel like moving, THIS PRACTICE (click for downloadable PDF) should hit the spot.



Yoga for the Breastfeeding Mama, LGAnderson

Interested in more yoga practices and workout routines? Every Saturday I email my subscribers exclusive content not available on my site including yoga practices, workouts for busy mamas and mindset & motivation tips. Don't miss out- sign up below!

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