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Five for Friday: 5 Tips for Staying Consistent

No matter what type of coach you have- fitness, business or life, we will all tell you the same thing- consistency is the key to success.

You want to run a marathon (and feel good)? Then you must run consistently. You want to be successful in your business ventures? Then you must continue to show up and apply yourself. You want to meet that special someone? You have to keep putting yourself out there. can be hard, because consistency is hard. Life happens- we get into ruts, we struggle with periods of self-doubt and being unproductive and in these moments it seems impossible to pull ourselves out. These are the moments that can often determine if we will meet our goals or if we'll fail.

Here are my tips on how I stay consistent- even when I'm full of doubt or in a period of uncertainty.

1) Schedule

Scheduling is key to so many things in life. And, while I love to schedule my time it can daunting and overwhelming. If you're not a scheduler because of this exact reason remember- our schedules are not etched in stone. Allow it to be flexible, allow it to be loose, but allow it to happen. If we skip this step we are robbing ourselves the opportunity to see how we spend our time and the opportunity to see how we can make time to meet our goals. If you can't schedule an entire day, schedule a few hours.

2) Show up

You don't always have to show up 100%. You don't. You can't. Especially if you have littles. And you know what mama? It's Ok. It is OK if instead of doing a full 30-minute workout we only do 10 minutes because we're tired or our kiddo wakes up from nap time early. It is OK to cut our walk short because we have laundry to do. The key here is to show up in whatever capacity we can every. single. day. Even if our workout schedule is three days per week- we have to show up those three days. We have to allow ourselves the opportunity to succeed.

3) Do One Thing

This plays into point two. Here on this site, we speak in the context of exercise but this is true in most facets of life. Do something every day that propels you toward your goal(s). If we're trying to get healthier or lose weight we don't have to (and likely shouldn't) workout EVERYDAY but, on our off days we can eat an extra serving of veggies, take the kids on a walk, or listen to a podcast about mindset. Do something small that moves you closer to your goals.

4) Make goals

Post them on the wall and write them in your journal. Look at them everyday and visualize yourself meeting them. Most of us will not continue to take action if there's nothing to work towards. Life is fluid and thus goals and schedules should be too. And even though we have goals, we should constantly be evaluating and reevaluating the processes we use to meet those goals. We should be checking in with our actions, schedules, and mindset to make sure our the things we are doing daily are working. Are these things moving us forward or holding us back? Are we getting caught up in the minutia or, are we able to look at the big picture? Are we happy with our progress?

5) Enjoy the Process

Enjoyment= adherence. Doing something you hate over and over will eventually breed contempt and thus, there has to be something rewarding to keep us going. This is why cheat days and rest days were created. This is also why more moderate diets work for a longer period of time and are more regularly adhered to. Find something to reward yourself with. Allow yourself to celebrate.

Interested in learning more about meeting your goals or, just want to keep receiving tips on how to make fitness work with your life? Join my tribe of mamas who, together make movement, motherhood and mindset more fun! Sign up HERE!!

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