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FIVE yoga poses for the first trimester.

While some may not find out they're pregnant until the 2nd trimester, for many, the first trimester of pregnancy can be filled with fatigue, brain fog, and morning sickness - as well as body-wide stiffness and soreness (hello tender breasts) from changing hormones and reduced movement.

When it feel otherwise impossible to keep to a regular routine or even stand up, it's still possible to get in a small dose of daily movement and even continue to practice yoga.

It will be easier to fit this in if you take 5-10 minutes before bed or when you wake up to do some deep breathing and yoga-like postures. While these may not be necessarily the most "active" or challenging poses they will still help your range of motion and assist you in deep breathing.

Additionally, these deeply restful poses will offer a kind of support that can be hard to get toward the end of pregnancy and after the baby is born.

1)Seated Forward Fold: with the feet hip-width apart, round forward through the spine and drop the head down, resting the elbows on the thighs. This is a supportive posture for morning sickness- while also working the range of motion in the spine and hips.

2)Elevated Child's Pose: placing the arms onto the bed or a chair, slide the hips back towards the heels and place the forehead on the bed. Not only does this pose work range of motion of the shoulders, I'm the forehead on the bed helps slow down the world, and any spinning that may occur.

3)Resting Forward Lunge: placing the arms onto bed or a chair, step one leg forward resting the knee against the bed, sliding the other leg back- drop the head. While this is a restful position the stance of the legs can help with range of motion of the hips for later periods of pregnancy.

4)Supported Lateral Bend: while in a kneeling position move one hip and rib cage next to the bed, without rotating, slide one arm along the bed while bending to the side- place the opposite hand behind the head and drive the elbow toward the ceiling while pushing that same hip away from the bed. Lateral flexion comes in handy in later months when the baby feels lodged under the rib cage!

4)Legs up the bed: lying on your back slide your booty towards the bed while extending (straightening) your knees (depending on the height of your bed you may be able to bend your knees). This position can help alleviate the symptoms of a variety of ailments later in pregnancy (varicose veins, pressure in the pelvis, hips, ankles), and water retention.


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