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Why Bodyweight Workouts Work

Let's face it, we're ALL busy and, we're ALL constantly playing beat the clock.

Now, throw a baby into the mix, or a toddler... or maybe one or two of each and not only are you playing beat the clock but you're also trying to find your keys, shoes, and maybe head if you're trying to leave the house to do anything-- like make it to the gym.

And, if you're like me, between the gym day care germs, cost, and not knowing if you will actually get to finish your workout (I mean who's kid really likes that place anyhow?) the gym actually seems like more work than it's worth on most days.

So, (stating the obvious) getting in workouts as a mom can be quite the challenge, especially when you feel enslaved to the gym due to a lack of equipment at home.

Enter bodyweight training.

Many people see this term and they fear that they cannot possibly create enough resistance with their body to be able to challenge themselves, especially those that train regularly.

While this might be true in some situations (an elite powerlifter), most of you reading this- my tribe- well, most of us are just struggling to get the workouts in- we're not thinking about squatting twice our bodyweight...

Well, not yet anyhow.

And the convenience is only one advantage. For us moms that don't want to go to the gym or just can't get our shit together to make it there, these are some of the other benefits:

  • FREE- you don't have to pay for a gym or childcare

  • NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED (ALMOST)- all you need is your body and a sturdy chair/table/step/bench and maybe a towel

  • SPACE- How tall are you? That's about how many square feet you need.

  • CONFIDENCE- yes, lifting heavy stuff absolutely makes one empowered... but being able to perform exercises like push ups, squats, lunges with great form does too.

  • You are never without a gym- no matter where you are, there's always enough space for a bodyweight workout

So right now, in this season (and yes, it's just a season), why not use this wonderful tool to your advantage? Missed gym sessions shouldn't be weighing heavy on your mind or keeping you from enjoying the rest of your time.

And really, the only workout that is going to work is the one you do consistently. So, wouldn't three days of bodyweight workouts be better than one day at the gym?

Put on your shoes or heck, stay barefoot, and join me for my 8 Day Bodyweight Blast. I've paired bodyweight workouts with recovery yoga practices to give you 8 days of consistent, efficient, convenient workouts! Click the image below to sign up- it's FREE!!

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